Day care is a special programme to cater for children who haven’t started school yet, some of those in nusery, P.1 or P.2 whose parents are busy, not able to collect them at mid-day when their classes are over. These are collected later in the afternoon (i.e. from 4:00pm onwards).

Under day-care we do not offer academic work but entertainment and social skills. These include:

  • Speech practice that includes: story telling, rhymes, poems, riddles, conversations, news telling and impromptu speeches
  • Sports activities like: field events, outside games like swimming, swinging, sliding and sand play
  • Modelling using clay and paper
  • Video watching where children watch only edited, educative and entertaining movies for their age
  • Paper work which involves: drawing, colouring, cutting and pasting
  • Open dancing, which is done once a week using already recorded music
  • The above special activities take place after children have had their nap and refreshment. They are normally served with pineapples, bananas, juice and biscuits plus other fresh fruits available.
  • Please take advantage of the day care facility to ease your very busy schedule.