Welcome to the Primary section of the KICS community! Our goal is to equip students to be creative, self-motivated, life-long learners. We aim to teach them to solve problems through high quality, engaging learning experiences that require critical thinking, resulting in taking responsible action. We believe in learning through real-life experiences. All students have a role in their learning, through various ways such as student agency and goal setting. Our learning environment is safe, nurturing and inclusive. We believe in promoting a culture of risk-taking, as it is in our mistakes that we learn and grow. Student leadership for all children is a priority, seen in both formal ways such as the Changemakers, and informal ways, such as nurturing a positive school spirit and being a good role-model in class. In our school, we build respectful and trusting relationships, with a focus on learning to care for others and the environment. Courtesy, cooperation and tolerance are values that we expect to see at KICS.The Primary Years Programme is a curriculum framework of purposeful, structured inquiry that promotes meaning and understanding and challenges students to engage with nationally and globally significant ideas. It is designed from LK- Year 6 and focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside. We encourage the children to ask questions that they care about in order to seek answers they want to know. Our role is to guide the children in finding answers themselves and encourage new questions along the way. In the PYP, students take ownership of their learning. We use the Learner Profile attributes to help develop international mindedness in our young learners.In the Primary section, we focus on increasing academic achievement for all students. This is done through ongoing, regular assessments as well as collecting and analyzing data in a variety of ways to improve our teaching and learning. A strong foundation in both Literacy and Numeracy skills and concepts is a key component of our program.It is our goal to provide students with the academic, social and emotional tools to become citizens of the global world. We promote student wellbeing and emphasize approaches to learning, which include communication and self management skills among others. Students are given the opportunity to learn in multiple languages as a means of communication and as a way of understanding other cultures and themselves.Please come and explore our amazing community! We look forward to mee