Lunches are provided and are compulsory for all students up to and including Year-9. Students in Year-10 and above may opt to eat school lunches or may provide their own.

Kindergarten students eat outside their classrooms on the tables provided, and classes in Reception through Year-11 eat in one of the two school dining areas.

The lunch timings are as follows:

KG – 11:50am

Reception-Year 6 – 11:50am – 12:30pm

Years 7 – 12:35pm – 1:25pm

The School lunch menu is rotated throughout each term and it has been designed to offer a balanced diet catering for many dietary requirements. There are meat and vegetarian options each day except Wednesday, when all students are offered a vegetarian meal, to encourage healthy eating habits. We also provide fruit daily, with 2 additional desserts each week. Our canteen team are highly experienced and operate under conditions similar to those found in quality hotels.