The Curriculum Office handles the day to day activities in the school which involves the child’s learning. It handles both academic and co-curricular activities. The academic includes: Mathematics headed by Mpami Ezra, English headed by Mutenyo Barnabas, Science head by Ejalu Joseph Silver and Social Studies headed by Babinga Moses.

The primary one, two and three classes follow the thematic curriculum. All the academic learning is done on themes and in all subjects. The themes chosen are used in all disciplines. Number, English, Literacy A and B. In Kampala Parents’ School we have not embraced teaching in local language because our pupils are multinational.


CAPE is an acronym for creative Arts and Physical Education. CAPE 1 is Music, Dance and Drama. CAPE 2 is Art and technology where children do art work such as drawing, design, tailoring, wood work and CAPE 3 is physical Education for physical fitness. It is supposed to be taught three times in a week in upper classes and five times in lower classes.

The co-curricular which includes games, sports, swimming, societies, assemblies is headed by Kyankya Godfrey. Co-curricular is one other thing that kids love,where after this break, in the next lesson they have alot of interest and are focused.

Presently, the academic part of the curriculum is handled by Mr. Odoi Leopold and the co-curricular part is handled by Mrs. Margaret Okwi. The two work hand in hand to develop the children’s talents.

All effort is made to help the children get holistic education and give them direction in their academic advancement.

Knowing that people can now earn their living through sports, the school gives children avenues through which they can excel.

The academic activities are stressed knowing very well that it is the main door through which a child goes to explore the world. It is also a way of showing someone’s intellectual capabilities. Several parents whose children have gone through this school give testimony that their Children’s academic performance has never been questioned in the secondary schools where they go.


Deputy Principal in charge of Curriculum